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An unexpected wattle

For the past two years, I have walked through Cave Gulch and across a patch of chaparral nearly every day on my way to school. I almost always take the same route, and I generally pay attention to my surroundings … Continue reading

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Evidence that Applied Nucleation is Working

When people set out to restore a rain forest, they usually start by planting a lot of trees. In a new paper in the Journal of Applied Ecology, Zak Zahawi demonstrates that there might be a better way. The method that … Continue reading

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Applied Nucleation: What It Is

If you ask me what I study, I’ll usually tell you that I study ecology – the science of interactions between organisms and the environment. That’s enough for some people. A lot of people, actually. If you ask for details, … Continue reading

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Sequoia Scrabble

Over the weekend I took a trip to Yosemite National Park with two friends from Central America. We spent two nights in Yosemite Valley, carefully sequestering anything with an odor inside of the heavy-duty bear lockers. On Saturday we day-hiked … Continue reading

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