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Artificial Bat Roosts for Tropical Forest Restoration?

Fruit bats are very good at dispersing tree and shrub seeds into disturbed tropical ecosystems. We wanted to know how we could attract more of them into everyone’s favorite disturbed ecosystem – the abandoned cow pasture. In a paper in Biological … Continue reading

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Tallgrass prairie restoration

This week I attended the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the course of four and a half days, thousands of ecologists presented their work to one another in short talks, posters, and informal … Continue reading

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Evidence that Applied Nucleation is Working

When people set out to restore a rain forest, they usually start by planting a lot of trees. In a new paper in the Journal of Applied Ecology, Zak Zahawi demonstrates that there might be a better way. The method that … Continue reading

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Applied Nucleation: What It Is

If you ask me what I study, I’ll usually tell you that I study ecology – the science of interactions between organisms and the environment. That’s enough for some people. A lot of people, actually. If you ask for details, … Continue reading

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