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Omnivore dilemmas in Guanacaste

What should I eat today? Where will I get it? How will I catch it? These are the questions that a Tropical Kingbird asks itself everyday. Tropical Kingbirds are small, flying omnivores. From Santa Cruz, California (occasionally) to Argentina, Tropical … Continue reading

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UCSC’s Newspaper Rock

This afternoon I rode my bike past the water tanks at the junction of West, Red Hill, and Chinquapin Roads on UCSC’s Upper Campus. The water tanks are like a modern Newspaper Rock. The rotating art exhibit changes whenever someone … Continue reading

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Palo Verde: A Visit to Guanacaste

Next Sunday I am flying to Palo Verde National Park in northwestern Costa Rica to teach a short segment of an undergraduate study abroad course. The course is run by the Organization for Tropical Studies, and it is one of … Continue reading

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Applied Nucleation: What It Is

If you ask me what I study, I’ll usually tell you that I study ecology – the science of interactions between organisms and the environment. That’s enough for some people. A lot of people, actually. If you ask for details, … Continue reading

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